Professionally managed real estate assets, carefully selected works of art and precious metals will be fractionalized and tokenized on the TERAZO platform. Tradable tokens will bring transparency, efficiency, liquidity, and democratize investment in hard to access asset classes.

TERAZO is led by Shaan Zaveri, Gaurav Gadhecha and Aniruddh Jhaveri and powered by a dynamic team with a solid track record in the field of real estate development and property management


Shaan Zaveri

Shaan leads TERAZO and oversees product and innovation


Gaurav Gadhecha

Gaurav leads real estate acquisitions and business development


Aniruddh Jhaveri

Aniruddh leads partnerships, services and investor relations

Sand Texture

Shaan has been developing real estate since 1995 and co founded Amaya Properties LLP in 2010 along with a group of friends. Gaurav and Aniruddh joined Amaya in 2017. Amaya is known for its award winning projects, high quality construction, post handover management, and transparent engagement model. 


Shaan, Gaurav and Aniruddh have also founded Collated Ventures LLP - a platform for shared economy real estate and Zenith Parc LLP, with a focus on stressed assets and real estate asset management in Ahmedabad.