What is tokenization?

A more tangible and liquid representation of ownership interest in real estate/funds /companies through digital securitization on a blockchain. Tokenization is the process of creating digital securities, or tokens, to represent fractional ownership of an asset

This is done through blockchain technology, a shared and immutable ledger for recording transactions and assets. Similar to crowdfunding, tokenization improves capital formation by allowing smaller investors to pool capital to invest in larger projects/funds - and enables sponsors to raise capital from a larger investor pool

Why Choose Terazo?

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Invest The Modern Way

At Terazo, we are reimagining the way you raise and operate in private markets. With simpler and more secure ways of onboarding, investing, trading and distributions, Terazo gives funds easy access to raise money while attracting savvy investors to participate

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Makes You Digital First

Your fund-raising process is streamlined through digital and blockchain technology leading to reduced costs making your fund investment-friendly

Driving Liquidity

Supports Fractional Ownership

By fractionalizing investments into security tokens, Terazo helps you raise more funds from a greater number of investors

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Enables Trading

With transactions happening through security tokens, it opens up trading opportunities of your asset tokens on the Terazo’s marketplace

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Attracts Global Investors

As we remove the barriers of investments, attract funds from many countries by offering a fraction of your funds

Driving Liquidity

Improved transparency

An investor’s tokens are accessible at any time on their Web3 wallet. This allows an investor far easier access to information about their asset than the current paper trail standard.

Driving Liquidity

Regulatory Compliant

Terazo is India’s first regulated private market investment platform supporting end-to-end issuance and trading of security tokens

What is the tokenization process?

Terazo can help set up your SPV, market, and distribute your offering

The process of tokenizing an asset can take two to six weeks depending on the complexity of the offering, planning and legal documentation

1. Vehicle set-up

Terazo (or your team) creates an SPV,
which will either acquire all or part of the asset/fund/company

Terazo will “tokenize” the SPV then issue digital securities representing ownership in the SPV

2. Investor marketing

The offering is published to the Terazo platform

Terazo streamlines investor onboarding (including KYC/AML/ accreditation) and facilitates their investment via Bank/Wire Transfer

3. Securities issued

Investors purchase tokens, representing their ownership in the SPV

Tokens are distributed to investors, with the management, distribution, payments, and reporting handled by Terazo

Investors benefit from the liquidity of their digital securities

Why Terazo?

Tokenization is an emerging disruptor in global markets. It has potential to lower the cost of capital, increase the pool of potential investors and increase liquidity in all hard-to-access and illiquid asset classes like real estate, VC/PE funds and unlisted companies

With this new technology, we give operators and fund managers a new way to raise and manage capital that is fast, flexible and regulatory compliant. We help in raising the investment, manage investor KYC/ AML, onboarding, ongoing management, payments, and communications

Let’s talk about your opportunity

Terazo Offers a new way to raise and manage capital.

We’re looking to partner with top real estate operators and fund managers who can bring high-quality opportunities to our marketplace

With Terazo, you can:

1. Be Digital First

2. Attract more investors

3. Earn higher returns

4. Move fast with flexibility

5. Focus on what you do best

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