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The future of investing

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TERAZO is creating a marketplace for digital assets. Blockchain based Security Tokens will represent fractional ownership of managed assets such as real estate, art and precious metals. 




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Real Estate​

Traditional investment real estate has high entry barriers and transaction costs, requires active management, involves many intermediaries, has geographical concentration risk and is often illiquid. 


There is now a revolutionary way to participate in investment real estate. Security Tokens on a blockchain offer fractionalized and managed real estate assets. Tokenization and the blockchain offer numerous advantages over traditional methods of dealing in real estate. These include increased liquidity and transparency, enhanced security, and simplified management. 

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Art and Precious Metals 


Investment in art and precious metals have high entry barriers, carry security risk, storage and insurance costs. Finding an exit requires price discovery and expensive intermediaries.


Tokenized and fractionalized assets offer investors opportunity to participate in difficult to access investments. Professionally managed assets, which are stored in secure locations offer safety and security. 

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