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Get Returns In 3 Ways

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Dividends & Distributions

Your investments can generate returns such as regular payouts, dividend or distributions, depending on the type of asset

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Exit Gains

Enjoy attractive returns on your tokens when the underlying investments are sold

Driving Liquidity

Marketplace Trading

Enjoy the flexibility to sell your tokens on Terazo’s marketplace

Decoding Tokenization

What is tokenization?

Tokenization is the act of fractionalizing and securitizing an asset into smaller parts by representing each part digitally on blockchain

What are private market investments?

Investments which are not listed on an exchange, such as real estate, venture capital/private equity funds and shares of unlisted companies

What are security tokens?

Security tokens represent traditional types of securities, such as real-world assets, equity, debt, units of a fund denoting beneficial interest, represented digitally on a distributed ledger or blockchain

The Future of Investing

We’re harnessing the technology of the future - blockchain. Terazo uses Polygon to bring you a fast and safe tokenization platform

Why Blockchain?

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Converting tangible assets into digital tokens

Tokenization breaks up illiquid assets into smaller digital tokens to provide access for fractional investing

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Smart Contracts

Generating and executing agreements automatically

Digitally automated smart contracts eliminate the need for trusted intermediary and manual processes saving time and costs

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Making every transaction permanent and unalterable

The use of blockchain makes every transaction tamper-proof and provides enhanced security

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